Community Bonding with Drupal | GSoC 2017



As mentioned previously, this year I got selected for GSoC under Drupal for the project ‘Porting UC wish list to Drupal 8’. This blogpost would concisely pivot around the Community Bonding period with Drupal for GSoC’17, thereby focussing on it’s importance and objectives achieved during this phase.

This year, the accepted GSoC proposals/projects were announced on April 3, 21:00 IST. The selected students are entitled to participate in the Community Bonding period till May 29th. The Community Bonding period, essentially, is the time for the selected students to socially engage with the fellow developers & learn extensively about their organisation’s functionalities, in other words, have a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s codebase, codes of conduct, releases etc, rather than jumping straight into coding. Moreover, during this term students have the opportunity of interacting with their respective mentors, plan correspondingly about their projects and the associated deadlines, thereby procuring a head start for the coding period, which starts right after the Community Bonding phase.

My Project ‘Port UC  wish list to Drupal 8’ aims at porting the UC wish list module to D8, the latest version of Drupal, which adds wish list/gift registry support to the Ubercart store, the open source ecommerce solution fully integrated with Drupal. This module, for instance, would specifically allow customers to create and administer personalized wish lists of products in their Ubercart store, thereby enabling potential customers to get a better understanding by referring to those wishlists.

As per the GSoC regime, I have been assigned with a highly experienced mentor from Drupal, Naveen valecha, who has been of great technical support and with whom I have been intensively discussing the project plans for the past few weeks of community bonding. Furthermore, I was assigned to do a few tasks by my mentor, which include:

  • Creating a Plan Issue for tracking the status of the UC wish list module/project port.
  • Creating sub-issues of the project goals with proper implementation details of each goal in the issue summary.

Meanwhile, I have completed the above mentioned tasks and have also read the API  documentations associated with the implementation of the project goals. I had also learnt some of the basic concepts such as Hooks, Hook Permissions in Drupal, these being some of the crucial components associated with my project, through various online tutorials. Furthermore, I had the opportunity of creating few sample modules by sandbox projects and pushing commits on the sample modules created. I have also created a project for porting UC wish list in Drupal and included the above mentioned tasks associated with the completion of the project.

I would be regularly posting weekly updates related with the project and hope to complete it on time.

Best wishes to all the selected students. Let’s have a great summer ahead!